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Operating Hours
The OSHC service are located within school grounds and at one Council facility.

Service Operating Hours:

  • Before School Care– 6.30 or 7am to 9am
  • After School Care– up until 6pm – Start time is based on licence agreement
  • Vacation Care – 7am to 6pm

Each location page states the services they operate and alternative Before School or Vacation Care can be found on other services nearby.

What happens at the OHSC service?

All OHSC programs have a daily routine and supervision plan developed by the Nominated Supervisor and communicated to Educators each day.

As part of our transition program families are invited to attend a service orientation at the start of term 1. Each new child is introduced to the rest of the children and educators on their first day. During their first week new children are inducted into the program routines and safety procedures and provided additional support during Term 1.

Children are supervised with a 1:15 ratio whilst on site and ratios may be changed due to experiences on offer, e.g. excursions.  All areas accessed by the program are risk assessed to ensure children’s safety and wellbeing. If the service also operates vacation care it can include excursions, where appropriate offsite venues, other 3Bridges services, and Local Parks are utilised.

In line with the ‘My Time Our Place’ Framework for school aged care, and in response to feedback from educators, children and their families; an educational and fun program is developed for all. Both term and vacation care programs are displayed at the Service.

Our before school care programs include a nourishing light breakfast served before 8am and children are provided with a healthy afternoon snack during after school care. Our menus are displayed at the Service.

How do I enrol my child for OSHC?

To enrol, visit our How to Enrol page.

Additional Information:

  • Please note that the parent whose CRN is linked to the child’s CRN must be entered.
  • Please list any non-parent who may be collecting your child from care under the Emergency Contacts & Authorisations section (it is essential that you include a contact phone number for them), if a person is not listed they will not be allowed to collect your child. All contacts will need to produce ID to the Responsible Person in charge when collecting your child.
  • BPay is available or if you wish to pay your account via direct debit you will need to complete the Direct Debit request section at the bottom of the enrolment form.
  • Please ensure all information relating to the care and wellbeing of your child is provided to 3Bridges.

Other documentation required could includes:

  • Medical management plans (where necessary)
  • Medication
  • Diagnosis Reports
  • Court Orders relating to your child
  • Any additional information required for the care of your child
Has the OSHC service been assessed under the National Quality Framework?

Yes, all services were assessed in 2020 and we were awarded “Meeting or Exceeding Quality” in our assessment.

What are the service delivery and collection procedures?

As part of our transition program a list of all new kindergarten enrolments is sent to the appropriate School Office at the start of Term 1.

Where the service is on site at a Public School:

Our kindergarten children are walked up to the kindy collection point each morning and are met by their teacher.  Each afternoon, the kindy children are collected outside the kindergarten classrooms by an educator and marked off the roll at that point. All other children make their own way to/from their classroom each day, being signed into/out of our care as they arrive/leave the Hall.

Where the service is off site from the Schools:

Children will always be escorted by an educator when walking or travelling by bus with 3Bridges. Each morning children are dropped off inside the school gates at the designated drop off point. Each afternoon, children are collected and signed into our care at the designated point within the school grounds by one of our educators.

Preparing and supporting your child’s transition into the OSHC program

Term 1 Orientation – Families are encouraged to spend some time at the service to get to know the Educators and support their child’s transition. It is also very important to advise your child’s classroom school teacher, which days they are attending care and also tell your child each morning where they are going that afternoon.

You are welcome and encouraged to visit the service with your child to see how we operate before you enrol your child in our care; we just ask that you call the Service Nominated Supervisor to arrange a suitable time.

Who do I speak to about the day-to-day operations of the OSHC Programs?

The OSHC program is led by the Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader, who is supported by experienced educators who act in the role of Responsible Person in charge of the service.

Every day during OSHC there is a Responsible Person on duty. This person’s name and photo is clearly displayed at the desk and we would encourage you to speak with them if you have any concerns about your child. We also have a team of educators who work daily to care for your children, their names and pictures are displayed on our service noticeboards.

All enrolment and booking enquiries should be directed to our Childcare Administration Coordinators, Chris and Theresa at oshc@3bridges.org.au  and 1300 327 434.

If I enrol my child does he/she have to attend?

No – if you think you might need care at any time in the future you can enrol your child now and we will then have their details on file should you decide to use our OSHC service in the future. At the end of school year, all bookings are cleared from our system to prepare for new enrolments at the beginning of the next school year. To secure a place the following school year, you will need to ensure all of your enrolment information is up to date and complete a new Booking Form which will be made available to families in Term 4 each year.

Can I book my child into care casually?

Yes – You do not have to book a set number of days and can have a mix of before and after school care if needed.  Should you require casual care we ask that you provide a request with a minimum of 24hrs notice, preferably by email oshc@3bridges.org.au or phone our administration office and 1300 327 434. Please note casual places will be allocated based on availability and we recommend you secure your place with a permanent booking to avoid disappointment.

Please note if there is an emergency and you cannot collect your child from school the only way we can legally accept a child into our care is if an online enrolment has already been completed. We cannot accept casual or emergency bookings for children who are not enrolled in our service.

Can children starting school in the new year attend the January Vacation Care program?

Yes, they can, if the child is starting school, they can attend the January vacation care program. This will provide the opportunity for your child to familiarise themselves with the school environment.

Please note:  New kindy children can only attend on days an in centre program is offered. They will not be permitted to attend excursions advertised in the Vacation Care program.

How much does it cost to attend OSHC?

Contact our team to request more information around fees for your preferred location.

Fees are invoiced weekly in arrears.  Please note that any changes to bookings e.g. cancellations, require one (1) weeks written notice via email to oshc@3bridges.org.au

As an Approved Provider of OSHC, 3Bridges are able to claim Childcare Subsidy (CCS) on your behalf.  To apply for CCS, contact Centrelink’s Family Assistance Office or visit the website at: https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/child-care-subsidy

Where do I find the service Policies, Procedures and Family Handbook?

Visit our Policies and Forms page to find various helpful information and documents.

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