Enrolment and Hubworks

How to Register and make bookings for Before and After School Care – this is a two step process.

Enrolments are by location of the service.  You may need to complete more than one enrolment depending on where your child attends school.  Please check the locations for all the services that you require.

You will need to click on the OOSH Booking Form button and print off this form.  Complete and return this in person or via email to childcare@3bridges.org.au along with any Court Orders or Management Plans that may be relevant to your child.

Should your child have special needs or circumstances please phone the office prior to this process so that we can ensure we are able to provide quality care and support.

Click on the location that your child will be attending and it will take you through to the Login/Enrolment Page.  Select Enrol and complete the form and submit. Where possible you are able to select more than one service ie Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care.  If you have a second child to enrol please use the option at the end of the information for the first child and then submit.  It is very important that you correctly enter CRN’s for each person so that CCB and/or CCR will apply to your account.

All bookings will be entered in the office when you return your OOSH Booking Form. Parental ID is required. If you have any questions about Registering, Enrolling or Bookings please phone the office (1300 327 434)

Acceptance is automatic but should there be any problems with your bookings/account you will be contacted by the office.


Parents are requested to login to the Hubworks account and check that all information in the file is up to date and accurate.  After this it is essential that a Booking Form is printed off and returned to the office.

Booking forms are year specific and required annually.